Tutorial: Running a batch trace

Step 1

Click the Batch Tracing button as shown below:

Step 2

Choose what you want to trace and how you want to output it.

1) Either enter a list of IP's/Domain's in the trace from list section or choose the trace from a file option and pick a text file with a list of IP's/Domain's already entered.

2) You can have the traces run with in the GUI by choosing either the Run each trace in a new tab or Run each trace in the 'My Traces' tab. If you want to have the data output to an HTML or CSV file then choose the third option (shown below).

NOTE: Using the choose file button you don't have to pick an existing file, you can just browse to a directory and enter a new name and Visual IP Trace will create the file.

Click the Go button to start the trace.

Step 3

Visual IP Trace will then begin the tracing you have specified. The trace progress dialog looks like the image below:

When the tracing has been completed you will get a prompt to view the results. Either click yes to view or no to view at another time.

This completes the batch tracing process.


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