Trace information

Once an advanced trace has been performed there is lot of information available to you.

The first area of information is the route table, as shown below:

Route table

The route table shows every hop between your machine and the destination you traced. The hop name, location and network is given for each hop along the route.

The networks are hyperlinked. When clicked a whois dialog will pop up giving you all the network and domain information for that network, as shown in the image below:

Whois information

The whois information can be copied to the clipboard by clicking the copy all button.

More information is available in the right hand side section, as shown in the image below:

Trace information

The information available is as described below:

Name and location information - This section described the address you traced, the IP associated with that address, the suspected location of that address and the full IP list.

The full IP list is when a certain website has more than one IP associated with it. This occurs mainly in large cooperations such as Google.

Domain whois - This section simply gives you the domain whois information such as address and telephone number.

Network whois - Similar to the domain whois section, it gives you the network whois information, again with names, addresses and telephone numbers.

System services - This section tells you if there are any services running on the destination machine, like HTTPS or SMTP etc.

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