Saving and opening a trace

There are two ways you can save a trace in Visual IP Trace.

Save an individual trace
Save multiple traces

1) Individual traces - If you have performed a trace in Visual IP Trace it will automatically get added into the MyTrace tab, and at the same time will open a new tab in Visual IP Trace for that specific trace.

To save this trace in HTML format you need to use the Save Trace button as shown below. In order to save the correct trace you need to make sure you have either selected the trace in the MyTrace tab or have the specific trace route tab selected, before click the save trace button.

When the save trace button has been clicked it will bring up the dialog shown below:

Save Trace

Choose a name for the report and click the save button. A gif file will also be saved with the .html file as this will be the map image.

Once you have saved the report you will be asked if you want to view it now, as shown below:

View trace?

To view the trace straight away click the yes button. This will open the HTML report. To open traces you have previously saved you need to go directly to the place on your hard drive that you saved them. By default this is in the Visual IP Trace/v4/reports folder in your users directory.

2) Save multiple traces -

To save multiple traces you need to go to the MyTrace tab, as shown below.

Save Multiple Traces

The first step is to select the traces you want to save. To do this use the keyboard shortcuts below:

  • Hold down ctrl and click the traces you want, this allows you to select multiple traces, one at a time.
  • Hold down shift and this will allow you to select a large amount of traces at once.

Once you have chosen the traces you want to save you can either right click and choose the save option or you can click the save button, also shown above.

This will launch the dialog box below where you can choose the file name you want to save the traces to.

When multiple traces are saved they can all be viewed from just one HTML file, as shown below:

By clicking on the whois links the information will drop down within the same HTML page making it simple to view the whois for every trace.

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