Visual IP Trace Preferences

Options --> Preferences

To get to the preferences dialog click the options menu item and choose preferences as shown above.

The preferences dialog looks like the image below


The four options available are:

Automatically perform an advanced trace - check this option if you want every trace to be an advanced trace

Show update messages - when new versions of Visual IP Trace are released you will get a message within the GUI. If you do not want these to appear then uncheck this option.

Notify me of special offers and other information from Visualware - when checked this will allows Visual IP Trace to notify you when new versions are available and when we have special offers, plus other useful information. These messages will appear on the small status bar at the bottom of the product to remain inconspicuous even when enabled.

Plot locations based on guesses on the map - some hops will not have a location match in our database. When this occurs we perform an educated guess on the location based on whois and network information. If you want these locations to be plotted on the map too then check this option.

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