Installing Visual IP Trace

To install Visual IP Trace you first have to download the executable file.

Once this has been downloaded, double click the exe to run the installation program. This will bring up the license agreement dialog as shown below:

License Agreement
License Agreement

Click the accept button to proceed. Clicking decline will stop the installation.

The next step is to choose the directory (default: c:\Program Files\Visual IP Trace 2009). Once the directory has been specified click the install button as shown below:

Installing Visual IP Trace
Specify installation directory

Visual IP Trace will then install and then prompt you to run the program or not, as shown below:

Run Visual IP Trace now?
Would you like to run Visual IP Trace

Clicking yes will launch Visual IP Trace and clicking No will take you back to the desktop.

You will see an installation complete dialog box like the one below as the last stage of installation. Note that if you have chosen to run Visual IP Trace after installation this dialog box maybe hidden under the main Visual IP Trace GUI.

Installation successful
Installation Successful

Running Visual IP Trace  top

To run Visual IP Trace simply go to the Start menu --> Programs --> Visual IP Trace --> Visual IP Trace as shown below:

Visual IP Trace start menu access

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