Visual IP Trace GUI

Visual IP Trace main GUI
Visual IP Trace main GUI

The image above is split into four sections which are explained in more detail below to help you understand the main GUI.

1 - The main toolbar - The main toolbar of Visual IP Trace is where you initiate all your traces.

The address text bar is used to enter the IP or URL you wish to trace. Once that has been entered you can use the Start Trace button to begin the trace.

The batch tracing button is only available in the advanced edition. This allows you to trace multiple IP's or URL's at the same time and get the results outputted to a text file.

The save and open buttons allow you to save any trace as an HTML report that can be reviewed at any time by using the open button.

To the right hand side of the toolbar is the edition section. This area just notes which version of the software you are running.

2 - World Map - Any trace you perform will be plotted on the world map

3 - Analysis - This section gives you all the valuable information for the trace. Simply click on the section you want to view to expand it.

4 - Route table - when an advanced trace is performed the route table will fill out with information on each hop between your machine and the destination you are tracing.

5 - MyTrace tab - the MyTrace tab is where every trace you perform is logged for future reference. Click here for more information.

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