Batch Tracing

To start a batch trace click the batch trace button as shown below:

Once this has been clicked the following dialog box will appear:

There are two ways to batch trace.

The first is by filling out the text box with the address/IP's you want to trace. The format is one IP/web site per line. Once all the IP's/Web sites have been added to the text box choose your output options then click Go to start the traces.

The second option is to have Visual IP Trace read a text file on your hard drive. The format for the text file is the same, one address/IP per line. To select the text file simply click the "trace from a file" radio button to bring up a browse button. This will allow you to to choose the file from your hard drive that has the IP/web sites you want to trace.

Output Options

The output options are as follows:

1) Run each trace in a new tab - by choosing this option a new tab will open in Visual IP Trace for every item you address you have chosen to trace.

2) Run each trace in the 'My Traces' tab - by choosing this option every address you have listed to trace will be added to the MyTrace tab and then traced. This is probably the best option if you have a large list of addresses.

3) Output to.... - this option allows you to output the trace results to a HTML or CSV file.

As shown above, you first have to choose the file you want to output to. You can either select a pre created file or once in the "choose file" dialog you can enter a name of your choice and the file will be created in the directory you are currently in.

The next step is to choose the fields you wish to include.

Note there will be a separate text file created for both the network and domain whois information. So if you have 3 domains for tracing you will have the information summarized in the main output file and then two files for each domain that holds the network and domain whois information.

When you are all set click the Go button to begin tracing.

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