Getting started with tracing in Visual IP Trace

To iniate your first trace in Visual IP Trace simply enter the IP address or web site you wish to trace in the address text box, as shown in the image below:

Starting a web site trace in Visual IP Trace

This action will perform a basic trace for the web site (note you can instruct Visual IP Trace to always perform advanced traces in the preferences menu). A basic trace will look like the image below:

Basic web site trace in Visual IP Trace

A basic trace will give you an estimated location for the IP address/web site you traced, along with domain and network whois information. This information can be viewed by using the left hand menus and shown above.

By performing and advanced trace Visual IP Trace will give you a full route table of the trace showing each location along the route, including node names and IP addresses. It will also give you other information such as the services running on the destination web site/IP address, for example FTP/SMTP servers etc.

To initiate an advanced trace either click the blue globe or the "clicking here" link, as shown in the image above.

Below is a completed advanced trace. As you can see the full route table is completed giving you every location along the route and a link to the network whois information for every hop along the route.

An example of the system services information is also shown in red below.

An advanced web site trace in Visual Ip trace

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