Abuse Reporting

The abuse reporting feature in Visual IP Trace allows you to report an hack attempt on your computer to the network responsible.

With the information from the abuse report they can take further legal action against the hacker.

To report abuse you first have to run an advanced trace on the IP address you suspect has made a hack attempt. Once the trace has completed click the Abuse reporting... link in the help menu as shown below

Abuse Reporting...

This will bring up the dialog box shown below:

Report network abuse.

To report spam or virus email:

  • Select the type of email abuse (Spam or Virus Email) from the Abuse Type option.
  • If you have previously traced an email message, the email header should be automatically entered in the Email headers box. If not, copy the header from the email message, then paste it in the box.
  • Select the Produce Report button, which will generate a report in your web browser.
  • Send the web page by email from your browser (detailed below).
  • To report a hacker attack:

  • Select Hack Attempt from the Abuse Type option.
  • Fill in the form with information described below.

  • Hacker IP address

    The IP address of the hacker that has caused the incident

    Your IP Address

    If you do not know your IP address, you can run the free Visualware WhoAmI utility which will show your IP address in the External IP field.

    Incident Date/Time

    The date and time the attack occurred.

    Your Time Zone

    This is needed to help the ISP identify the user of Hacker IP address at the time of the attack.


    Specific information about the attack, in particular how it was discovered, i.e. a firewall alert. Include any evidence such as the firewall message text or log entry, or details from the Visual IP Trace report.

  • Select the Produce Report button, which will generate a report in your web browser.
  • Send the web page by email from your browser.
  • Send the Abuse Report web page by email:

    The example below is for Internet Explorer, the approach may differ depending on the actual browser you are using.

    An example of a Visual IP Trace abuse report is shown above. At the top of the report the Visual IP Trace has automatically identified the Network Owner (ISP) details for the IP address being traced and has highlighted the published abuse email address provided by that ISP, which is abuse@defenderhosting.com in example above.

    In the browser window click File->Send->Page by E-mail... which will open a new email message with the Abuse Report added as an attachment. Enter the abuse email address provided at the top of the report in 'TO:' field, amend the subject line as needed for clarity, and add any additional information to the body of the email that you would like to submit along with the Abuse Report attachment, and send when complete.

    NOTE: For security reasons some companies no longer allow email attachments, which means your abuse report could be rejected. If this happens you will need to copy contents of the Abuse Report and paste it a new email message.

    You can easily copy the Abuse Report by clicking anywhere in the Abuse Report browser window, typing 'Ctrl-a' (hold down the Ctrl key and press the 'a' key) to highlight all the text, then copy and paste it into an email message.

    If you should experience any problems please contact support.

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