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Visual IP Trace New Release Information

Version 5.0e
August 12th, 2010

5.0e changes

•  Bug fix in ARIN Whois data

5.0c changes - 28th September 2009

•  Copy and paste menus added
•  Various bug fixes

5.0b changes - July 29th 2009

•  Bug fix for location parsing in some whois lookups

5.0a changes- June 17th 2009

•  Brand New Database

Visual IP Trace 2009 includes a brand new IP location database that makes it the most accurate version ever. Tracking web sites, reporting hack attempts, verifying customers and your overall security is vastly improved due to this extra accuracy.

•  MyTrace Tab

Every trace you perform is now automatically logged in a new MyTrace tab. This feature makes it much easier to revisit previous traces and even save numerous traces to one HTML document with full domain and network whois information

•  Batch tracing improvement

The batch tracing mechanism has been vastly improved to make it more efficient than ever. Batch traces can now be initiated into the MyTrace tab.

•  GUI Improvement

The user interface has been improved to make Visual IP Trace more seamless and clear. This vastly improves the general user experience.

Plus image Version 4 changes

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