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Visual IP Trace License Key Error Messages

License key errors  
Invalid Syntax
Visual IP Trace does not have access to the Internet
License key activated too many times.

Invalid Syntax

This is normally due to a problem with copying and pasting.

First of all make sure the license key you have matches the version you have. When installing the product the version number is displayed, or if the product is already installed then go to the help --> about menu to find out which version.

In the Visualware confirmation email the version number of the key will be stated above the license key itself.

To correctly enter the key highlight the entire key by clicking and dragging the mouse over the key. Now bring up the Visual IP Trace license key dialog box and paste the key.

There are no menus available in the license key dialog so the Ctrl V keyboard shortcut is needed to paste the key.

If there are still problems then contact support.

No access to the Internet

This is normally due to a problem with the firewall settings on the machine in question.

Every firewall should have an allowed/exceptions list. Simply add Visual IP Trace.exe and Java.exe to the exceptions list then the error should no longer occur.

Also for future use of Visual IP Trace make sure port 80 and port 43 are open in your firewall settings also.

If there are still problems then contact support.

Activated too many times

If the key being used has been activated too many times then you will get this error.

When purchasing a key there are multiple machine licenses if Visual IP Trace is needed on more than one machine. If this number is exceeded then this error will occur and you need to contact support.

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