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Visual IP Trace screenshot

Brand new IP trace database

The brand new database makes for even more accurate locations. Correct locations of IP's are essential to tracing hack attempts, tracing malicious web sites, validating customer locations and much more.

MyTraces Tab
The MyTraces tab stores every trace that you perform in Visual IP Trace automatically. This allows for easy access to previous traces in just a couple of clicks of the mouse. Traces can easily be deleted at any time.

Brand new GUI
The brand new GUI makes using and navigating Visual IP Trace easier than ever.

Revamped Whois reporting
The whois reporting is more advanced to give more up to date information to make Visual IP Trace more useful.

Screenshot of the Visual IP Trace route table

Network information
Each hop in the route table now displays the network it is a memeber of. This option will give even more information about the network in question with much more contact information.

Shows the geographical location of the IP/domain on a world map
The geographical location of an IP address is key information for determining the threat level or validity of a website or hack attempt. NEW - each location now plotted on the world map. Right and left clicking zooms in and out of the map.

Internet Explorer one click tracing
If you use Internet Explorer as your browser then you can take advantage of the Visual IP Trace button. If you want to trace the website you are currently browsing simply click the Visual IP Trace browser button and a trace will begin.

Visual IP Trace batch trace screenshot

Trace from the start bar
We have also incorporated a Visual IP Trace start bar add on. Simply type the IP/domain/url you want to trace and click the green arrow. No need to start a browser or Visual IP Trace. It is all done for you.

Shows the routing path to the destination
The actual path to the destination of the IP address or domain and is reported in a routing table, providing additional location information to help determine the IP/domains true location.

Provides an analysis of applications running on the destination system
Get a report of the Internet applications on a destination site, including HTTP/HTTPS, the type of web server, FTP and SMTP.

HTML Report
Get a single page analysis of an IP/domain/URL trace with all the information you need to report abuse to the author's network provider.


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